An Endless Winter

Written: APRIL 16, 2018
Migrated to SquareSpace: FEB. 27, 2018

Is Christmas still coming or what? If you live in Minnesota, you probably share in my fear of there not being a spring or summer at all this year. It's mid-April, and the view out my window still looks like I'm on winter break.

Being able to bundle up in weather like this is definitely something to be grateful for, but having to wrap yourself in multiple layers before going anywhere or doing anything does affect your mental health. I can't even remember the last time relaxation was found in shorts or dresses instead of sweaters and sweatpants.

In a fast-paced, highly digital world, taking a break from the everyday is essential to carrying on. When we're confined indoors, however, there are only so many activities to do that don't require your eyes to be glued to a screen - although, I do recommend taking the time to watch a documentary on climate change...

Nevertheless, it has been promising to see that each snowfall, no matter the length, comes to an end and is followed by a melting sunshine. As inconsistently as spring has been here so far, I continue to remain optimistic that winter can't be around for much longer either.

As I wait, I long to feel breeze through my toes and warmth on my back once more; to reconnect with nature before going back, yet again, to a laptop.

Alex HemmerReflection, Poetry, Winter