Accidental fashion statements

Written On: ARPIL 24, 2018
Migrated To Squarespace: FEB. 27, 2019

New season, new statements!

To celebrate the sunshine, I've been strutting around a new pair of sunglasses that I recently bought at ZeroUV. They're officially called "Oversize Women's Festival Floral Round Sunglasses A178," and yes, they really are big. When I was first looking on their website, my mind was set on looking for round frames and floral patterns. Size hadn't occurred to me at all... until they came in the mail.

I'm not going to lie - as an introvert who tends to go for safe, I was initially thrown off by how tiny my face looked. That being said, it didn't take long before I fell in love with them (1 hour), and by the end of the day, I had worn them all over campus - even in the dark...

The color I chose is called Pink Blue Lavender, coincidentally representing two of my favorite colors, as well as my favorite flowering plant (the smell of lavenders eliminate all stress). I've also gotten used to the giant lenses - they make me feel unstoppable.

Selfie By:  Me

Selfie By: Me

But aesthetics aren't even the best part about these shades. ZeroUV is also extremely affordable, selling a wide variety of funky and classic designs at $9-10 per pair! That's right - they're stylish and they're cheap - and in case you're wondering, they're durable too.

If you're interested in getting your own oversized facial floral, then I'd highly recommend taking a look at ZeroUV's many original designs.

Now that our 5 months of winter boots and heavy down-coats are finally over, it's time to discover fashion all over again with the joys of spring.

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